Señorío de Auñón

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Señorío de Auñón is an early harvest organic olive oil that captures the emotion and care of the farmers, the hard work of a whole year, the smell of the soil and the unique flavor of an incomparable olive oil. It is the perfume of olives in a bottle, straight from the olive tree to the table.

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The quality of our extra virgin olive oil was not by chance. The variety of the olive trees, the type of soil in which they grow, how the olives have ripened, the care they received while being harvested and the milling form unequivocal signs of identity.

Señorío de Auñón represents the freshness of freshly squeezed fruit juice, which comes from organic farming and provides the consumer with a complex range of sensations from tomato to freshly cut grass, almond or banana.

A sensory experience close to perfection when combined with freshly baked bread, fresh salad, light fish dishes, low-fat meats or vegetables.

Additional information

100% Cornicabra

Organic extra virgin

7th November 2016


Max: 1h after collection. No water added.

Stainless steel with nitrogen


Green with golden nuances

Store in a cool place, away from light and heat


  • Oil with intense green fruity.
  • It presents aromas of grass, tomato and artichoke, with notes of almond, apple and banana to a lesser extent.
  • In the mouth it has a bitter and spicy means.


  • Opaque glass
  • Black color
  • Net content: 500ml


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